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orchid show

Orchid Shows: Some basic information for you

How to Get the Most Out of One Fascinating World of Orchid Shows All around the world, orchid societies and their affiliates sponsor and produce orchid shows. They provide orchid growers with a place to display their best and most unique orchids and enter them for judging in the hopes of receiving an award. Some ...


Maxillaria Orchid

Maxillaria Orchid: What you need to know

Maxillaria Orchid Care: The Basics The Maxillaria  orchid (max-ih-LARE-ee-uh) produces small blooms that are often fragrant. Maxillaria flowers come in an array of colors such as white, yellow, brown, all shades of red, dark purple, and even pretty close to black. Maxillarias can also sometimes give the appearance of little flames due to their coloration, and others are ...


Encyclia Orchid

Encyclia Orchid: What you need to know

Encyclia Orchid Care: The Basics Encyclia orchid (en-SIK-lee-ah) is known for their colorful, showy flowers that bloom in succession. Encyclia’s blooms come in a range of colors, including purple, brown, yellow, green, and fuchsia. The Encyclia’s lip is a different color than the rest of the flower and can appear either ruffled (like a Cattleya) or flat and ...


orchid blooms

How To Enjoy Year-Round Orchid Blooms?

Enjoy Orchid Blooms All Year! There is no better feeling than when your orchid finally begins to bloom! Once the blooms begin to fall off, it is a waiting game until the next blooms appear again. Why not get a variety of orchids that bloom at different times of the year so that you will ...


wild orchids

Wild Orchids in North America: How many do you know?

Native wild Orchids North America is full of wonderful wild orchids. No matter where you live or travel to, there are bound to be some orchid species native to the area. Many species are very showy and easy to spot, while others are very discreet and very easily overlooked. A great way to familiarize yourself ...