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Encyclia Orchid: What you need to know

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Encyclia Orchid Care: The Basics

Encyclia orchid (en-SIK-lee-ah) is known for their colorful, showy flowers that bloom in succession. Encyclia’s blooms come in a range of colors, including purple, brown, yellow, green, and fuchsia.

The Encyclia’s lip is a different color than the rest of the flower and can appear either ruffled (like a Cattleya) or flat and broad (like an Oncidium). The blooms can often last for a month or more.

Encyclias are epiphytic orchids that are found growing on tree trunks and branches. Encyclia orchids can vary in size. Some are only a few inches in tall whereas others can reach a height of two feet tall. In some species the blooms are highly fragrant and can smell of vanilla or lemon.

Water Requirements

Watering frequency – as covered in this article about watering orchids – can be determined by a few different things. E

ncyclia orchids need to be watered frequently (generally every 5-7 days) when the orchid is in active growth and less frequently when the orchid is dormant.

Be sure to let the orchids roots dry out between waterings so that you do not unintentionally over-water your orchid.

Light Requirements

As covered in this article about orchids care and light, Encyclia orchids require medium to bright, but indirect, light intensity.

If you are growing your Encyclia indoors, an ideal place would be in a windowsill that is facing east or a southern windowsill as long as you provide a sheer curtain for protection from the intense midday sun.

You don’t want your orchid to get direct sunlight because this could cause sunburn.

Temperature Requirements

As discussed in this orchid plant care article on temperature, Encyclias thrive in intermediate to warm temperatures.

The temperature requirements for Encyclia orchids are daytime temperatures somewhere between 70°F to 85°F (21.1°C to 29.4°C) and night temperatures between 55°F to 70°F (12.8°C to 21.1°C).

If your Encyclia experiences extended periods of high temperatures above the recommended range, this could cause damage to the plant, slow down its growth, and prevent it from flowering in the future.

In order to encourage blooming, Encyclias need a 10-15 degree drop in temperature at night.

Encyclia Orchid
Encyclia Orchid

Humidity Requirements

As covered in this “humidity” article on how to care for orchids, Encyclias thrive in fairly humid conditions.

A relative humidity level that is ideal for Encyclias is somewhere in the 50-80% range. If you need to increase the humidity for your orchid, you can add a humidity tray or humidifier and also misting your orchid a few times a day will also increase the humidity and help it from drying out too quickly.

It is also important to remember that the more humid you keep the orchids environment, the more air movement your orchid will need to help prevent any disease.

Fertilizer Requirements

When Encyclia orchids are in active growth they should be fertilized once a week. An orchid fertilizer mix of (20-20-20) is recommended.

During the winter months, Encyclias should only be fertilized once a month. Remember, never fertilize an orchid that is completely dry, because this can cause major damage to the roots.

Potting Requirements

Encyclia orchids tend to grow well in a variety of ways such as potted, in wooden slat baskets, or even mounted on a tree. Every two to three years Encyclia growths can be divided and can be potted separately.

And that just about covers the basics! 🙂

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