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seasonality in beekeeping

Seasonality In Beekeeping: Something to note

The Beekeeping Year – An Overview Here we look at the seasonality in beekeeping (different seasons in a temperate climate), what the bees will do at different times of the year, and what you need to as a beekeeper throughout the year.   Whether you live in a cold, cool, or tropical climate, there will be ...


get bees

How To Get Bees? Here Are 5 Fabulous Ways!

So you’ve got a hive, but you still need the most important ingredient. Yes, some bees! There are 4 main ways to get bees: a nuc, a split, a swarm or a package. We will quickly introduce each way before diving in more details: Nuc: A nuc or nucleus is a mini, already-functioning hive. Comes ...


beeswax benefits

Beeswax Benefits And How To Store Beewax

Beeswax Benefits Some keepers will also prepare and use the wax after the honey has been removed. Beeswax benefits are many and may be used for cosmetics, crafts, ornaments, batik, and candles, and can even be rubbed onto thread to give it some strength. Although it is a process, and some keepers choose either to ...


bee diseases

Bee Diseases And Dangers You Should Watch Out For

Bee Diseases And Dangers Like any animal or insect, honeybees can become ill through parasites and diseases. Even under the best circumstances, your hive is always at risk of diseases and parasites being introduced. There are a number of bee diseases and parasites that pose danger to honeybee colonies that anyone considering beekeeping should be ...


naturally drawn comb

The Benefits Of Naturally Drawn Comb

You already learned about different types of bee frames. Today in our beekeeping for beginners, let’s talk about comb, especially naturally drawn comb! Naturally drawn comb has many benefits, and we recommend using foundationless frames to allow the bees to build their own comb. Comb guides: For foundationless beekeeping, it’s important to have a good ...


beekeeping for beginners

Beekeeping For Beginners (a.k.a. Beekeeping 101)

Beekeeping For Beginners Bees have been around for a long, long time, gathering nectar and pollinating flowers. They haven’t changed much since the time of the dinosaurs. And today, let’s talk about beekeeping for beginners (no matter you are from Australia, UK or America). The insect shown in the following figure is definitely recognizable as ...