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dog's supplies

Dog’s Supplies: What Are They and Where To Buy?

There is much more to having a dog live in your home than dog food and toys. Thinking about the dog’s supplies he will need well in advance of bringing him home, assures you of a smooth transition from living without a dog to having one feel completely at home with you. While the breed ...


your new dog

How To Prepare Your Home & Family for Your New Dog?

In the best of circumstances, every member of your family is as thrilled about the prospect of a new pet joining the household as you are. However, in order to make this great event as thrilling as it can be, it does require some advance preparation. Preparing your home for your pet’s grand entrance can ...


get to know your dog

How to get to know your dog better?

Researching Your Breed The more you know about the dog you adopt, the happier you will be about your decision. Getting the facts by researching the breed you have chosen is an essential step in being satisfied with your new pet. There are some key points which you should look for when you are researching ...


adopt a dog

Adopt a dog: How not to be disappointed?

When you are planning to adopt a dog, there are some very important points to keep in mind to make sure that you are delighted with your new dog. They can mean the difference between regretting your decision and having a wonderful new friend whom you will enjoy and cherish. One mistake to avoid is ...