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backyard beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping: Creating a bee haven at home

Have you ever considered turning your backyard into a bee haven? There are so many fantastic benefits of making your outdoor living space more bee-friendly. Check out these ideas to start your own backyard beekeeping! Bees, endangered species, how? On October 31st, seven native Hawaiian bees were added to the endangered species list. After years of ...


brood inspection

Brood Inspection: Your first time will be ok!

Once your colony has gotten established, your first brood inspection is an exciting milestone in becoming a beekeeper (time for some backyard honey). Here’s what to look out for: The brood box is usually the bottom box of a hive, it contains the developing larvae and pupae, thousands of worker bees and a queen laying ...


stages of the bees

Stages Of The Bees: 4 developmental stages

The honeybee is a social bee, meaning that it lives in an organized structure, working and living in constant cooperation with others. Today, we continue to learn about stages of the bees. In contrast, the solitary bee has no social structure and will live and hunt alone. It should be noted that it is precisely ...