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backyard compost

Making Your Own Backyard Compost: How to do it?

Backyard Compost Homesteading is all about providing for yourself; making your own backyard compost is also one of the major parts of urban homesteading. Backyard composting, often referred to as home composting, is the practice of recycling organic waste from your household and yard to create nutrient-rich compost in your own backyard. It involves collecting ...



Livestock: Homesteading Lifestyle For You?

Livestock Livestock can be a great deal of work and care for the livestock will be crucial in determining nutritious food or fodder for family pets. The type of animal you choose should be based on your ability to care for the animal, to be able to breed the animal in a safe environment and ...


weeds and pests

Weeds and Pests: How to deal with them?

Weeds and Pests Regardless of the type of garden you are going to grow, you are going to face weeds and pests. Whether you have a large backyard garden or a small container garden on your balcony, you will be invaded by weeds and pests, at any one point in time. You should be prepared ...


Homestead Gardening Types

Homestead Gardening Types You May Not Know Yet

Homestead Gardening Types Obviously, you know that there are many homestead gardening types, but what are they exactly? The different kinds of gardening are: 1. Square foot gardening 2. Rooftop gardening 3. Container gardening 4. Vertical Gardening 5. Backyard gardening 6. Raise bed gardening 7. Trellis gardening 8. Companion gardening You may also use a ...


soil types

Soil Types, Testing and Preparation

Soil Types Continuing with our homesteading series, we today will talk about … soil types. There are four descriptive types of soil: Grainy Sandy Clay Well drained-loamy, which is the ideal soil for gardens Scientists, however, classify soil depending to its: 1. Color The color of the soil can give information about unprocessed matter in ...


selecting the location

Selecting The Location In Urban Homesteading

Selecting The Location Selecting the location for your urban homesteading garden is not a tough task as long as you have your priorities set right. When you are selecting the location for your garden, you should first decide whether you are going to have a normal backyard garden or a vertical garden, a container garden ...


Choosing Plants For Homesteading

Choosing Plants For Homesteading, How?

Choosing Plants For Homesteading Deciding on what to plant is one of the toughest decisions you are going to take; it is not easy to resist the temptation of planting just about everything at once. Today, let’s learn about choosing plants for homesteading! Most garden varieties used by many green thumbed gardeners are the annuals; ...


Collecting Rainwater

Collecting Rainwater For Watering Plants

Collecting Rainwater Collecting rainwater for watering plants and using it for household purposes is one of the integral parts of urban homesteading. Rain water is free; you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in getting a few hundred gallons of water. It is yours and yours for free. Regardless of whether you live in ...


urban homesteading

Urban Homesteading Vs. Rural Homesteading

Compare Urban Homesteading With Rural Homesteading Both rural and urban homesteading offers a great sense of satisfaction of doing things by ourselves. Growing fruits and vegetables in a backyard garden, cooking them, building furniture and tools for our homes, and also learning new techniques of self-sufficiency and re-learning old and forgotten skills is homesteading these ...


homemade yogurt

Homemade Yogurt: How to make one (or two)?

Making yogurt at home is very easy; however it can test your patience. Homemade yogurt doesn’t require a lot of work from you; in fact, it takes a lot of time for the yogurt to simply sit and culture. So, patience is the key here. The Benefits of Homemade Yogurt Homemade yogurt offers a plethora ...