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stake your orchids

How and When to Stake Your Orchids?

Stake Your Orchid Orchid growing can be a fulfilling experience when we are rewarded with beautiful flower blooms. When learning everything you need to know about how to grow orchids, staking your orchid is an important step to learn. Because the spikes and blooms can be quite heavy, staking your flowers is beneficial in maintaining ...


orchid cares after flowering

Care Of Orchids After Flowering: Essential Tips for Success

Are you wondering how to take care of your orchids after they have finished flowering? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will provide you with all the essential tips and answer frequently asked questions about the care of orchids after flowering. So, let’s dive in and ensure your orchids stay healthy ...


growing orchids indoors

Growing Orchids Indoors: 3 tips for you

How to Combine Different Orchids in the Same Space With the thousands of types of orchids available, it’s only a matter of time before your collection grows to include both high and low light orchids as well as cool and warm temperature orchids. When growing orchids indoors, the use of grow lights will increase the spaces ...


temperature for orchid

Temperature for orchid: Is it too hot or cold?

Is It Too Hot or Cold for Your Orchid? When it comes to orchid plant care, temperature is a very important element, and being able to regulate the temperature for your plant is vital for your orchid’s success. If the temperature is regularly above what is recommended for each type of orchid then this could ...


dry orchids

How to Press and Dry Orchids For Preservation

Preserving Orchids: Capture Your Blooms Beauty To Enjoy For Years It’s always sad to see your beautiful orchid blooms begin to wilt and fall off. Have you ever thought of pressing or drying your orchids flowers in order to preserve their beauty? Whether you prefer the look of a pressed flower or if you’d rather ...


are orchids hard to take care of

Are Orchids Hard To Take Care Of

Are orchids hard to take care of? This is a common question among plant enthusiasts who are considering adding these beautiful flowers to their collection. While orchids have a reputation for being delicate and difficult to care for, with the right knowledge and techniques, you can successfully grow and maintain these stunning plants. In this ...


miniature orchids

Miniature Orchids: What you need to know

Miniature Orchids: The Basics Aspect Description Size Smaller than standard orchids, typically a few inches to around 12 inches (30 cm) tall. Growth Habit Compact growth, smaller leaves, stems, and blooms. Blooms Display vibrant and colorful flowers despite their small size. Ideal for Indoor cultivation, small spaces like apartments, offices, or windowsills. Care Complexity Varied ...


humidity for orchid

Humidity For Orchid: How much does it need?

How to Care for Orchids: Humidity For Orchid 101 Humidity: How Much Does Your Orchid Need? In addition to water and light, when it comes to care for your orchids – humidity is the most important element to keeping your orchid in bloom – and getting it to bloom repeatedly, year after year. Orchids tend to prefer more ...


Fertilizing Orchids

Fertilizing Orchids: How and When?

Fertilizing Orchids: Fertilizer Basics It is important, when you grow orchids, to fertilize them correctly. A well fertilized orchid will not only keep their leaves longer, but will produce more flowers. Knowing how and when to fertilize is something you will need to learn. You need to be careful because if you use too much ...


 light requirements for orchids

Light Requirements For Orchids Unveiled!

Are you a proud orchid owner or considering adding these stunning flowers to your collection? Orchids are known for their beauty and elegance, but they also require specific care to thrive. One crucial aspect of orchid care is providing the right amount of light. In this article, we will explore the light requirements for orchids ...