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carp fishing in the winter

14 Carp Fishing In The Winter Tips You Should Know

Carp Fishing In The Winter Carp fishing is one of the best challenges and fish that any angler can make the decision to target. Whether it’s winter, spring or summer a few rules always apply and a few can change. Learning carp fishing in the winter may take just a bit more patience, but it’s ...


how to catch carp

How To Catch Carp Effortlessly? 9 nice tips for you!

How To Catch Carp Effortlessly? How to catch carp can have many different answers depending on a few key factors. Geographical location, climate and water temperatures as well as when the carp are spawning all make a significant difference on what approach is needed to catch carp effectively. Many people would be confused by this peeked ...


carp feeding

Carp Feeding: All You Need To Know

Carp Feeding Everyone… including you… wants to catch more fish. For the sake of this blog, we are going to discuss how we move from the point of trying to the point of understanding. In addition we will cover how to execute and leverage the knowledge to catch more carp. So how do we do ...


carp fishing in hot weather

7 Carp Fishing In Hot Weather Tips For You

7 Carp Fishing In Hot Weather Tips Carp fishing in hot weather can be a bit of a mystery. But we did learn how to catch carp in the winter right? If you miss the post, check it out! Should you be hitting the deep waters and bottom fishing? Maybe you should be trying a ...