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backyard compost

Making Your Own Backyard Compost: How to do it?

Backyard Compost Homesteading is all about providing for yourself; making your own backyard compost is also one of the major parts of urban homesteading. Backyard composting, often referred to as home composting, is the practice of recycling organic waste from your household and yard to create nutrient-rich compost in your own backyard. It involves collecting ...


selecting the location

Selecting The Location In Urban Homesteading

Selecting The Location Selecting the location for your urban homesteading garden is not a tough task as long as you have your priorities set right. When you are selecting the location for your garden, you should first decide whether you are going to have a normal backyard garden or a vertical garden, a container garden ...


why homesteading

Why Homesteading Is A Good Decision?

Why Homesteading? Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and it is characterized by subsistence agriculture and it’s a household compound for a single extended family. So, why homesteading? Some of the benefits that we get when we choose homesteading are: Quality of food and life: Regardless of the reasons homesteaders provide for living ...


urban homesteading

Urban Homesteading Vs. Rural Homesteading

Compare Urban Homesteading With Rural Homesteading Both rural and urban homesteading offers a great sense of satisfaction of doing things by ourselves. Growing fruits and vegetables in a backyard garden, cooking them, building furniture and tools for our homes, and also learning new techniques of self-sufficiency and re-learning old and forgotten skills is homesteading these ...


Homestead Security

Homestead Security: What you need to know?

Homestead Security One of the lesser mentioned reasons homesteading is continuing to grow in popularity and the “prepper” movement has taken hold is that of security of private property and the lives of families across the globe. Whether you are homesteading in the US or homesteading in Australia, you need to learn about homestead security! ...


homesteading skills

Homesteading Skills You Need To Learn

Which Homesteading Skills Do I Need To Know? Although homesteading skills are certainly not a new concept, the ideas and concepts of urban homesteading has started to gain traction with both the young and the urban population. In the past, homesteaders spent years undertaking backbreaking tasks of plowing, tilling and harvesting farms carved out of ...