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growing orchids indoors

Growing Orchids Indoors: 3 tips for you

How to Combine Different Orchids in the Same Space With the thousands of types of orchids available, it’s only a matter of time before your collection grows to include both high and low light orchids as well as cool and warm temperature orchids. When growing orchids indoors, the use of grow lights will increase the spaces ...


temperature for orchid

Temperature for orchid: Is it too hot or cold?

Is It Too Hot or Cold for Your Orchid? When it comes to orchid plant care, temperature is a very important element, and being able to regulate the temperature for your plant is vital for your orchid’s success. If the temperature is regularly above what is recommended for each type of orchid then this could ...


orchid blooming

Orchid Blooming: Tips and Tricks

Keeping Your Orchid Blooming For As Long As Possible… When growing orchids, you want to make sure that the flowers last as long as possible. How long your orchid flowers last, greatly depends on the variety of orchid as well as the care that the blooms receive. Phalaenopsis orchids, one of the most popular types, normally ...


ventilation for orchid

Ventilation for Orchid: What should you know?

Why Ventilation is So Important? Another important aspect in how to care for an orchid that I cover in detail on our website, is providing adequate ventilation. Air movement for your orchid is important for many reasons. Air flow can help eliminate problems such as drying up any water that is standing on the leaves ...


light for orchid

Orchids Care & Light: How Much is Enough?

Is Your Orchid Getting Enough Light? As I talk about on our website about orchid care, many different varieties of orchids can successfully be grown inside your home with the right amount of light exposure. The amount of light intensity your orchid receives is crucial for it to flourish and bloom year after year. It ...