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Masdevallia orchids

Masdevallia Orchid: What you need to know

Masdevallia Orchid Care: The Basics Masdevallia orchid (maz-deh-VAHL-ee-ah) is commonly referred to as “Kite Orchids” because of their blooms that are almost triangular-shaped and have what looks like kite-tails coming off of each sepal. If you’re short on space to grow orchids, Masdevallias might be a great choice for you because they are compact growers in comparison ...


vanda orchid

Vanda Orchid: What you need to know

Vanda Orchid Care: The Basics The Vanda orchid ’s natural habitat is tropical and for this reason Vanda orchids require a very high level of humidity. Most often Vandas are grown in wooden slat hanging baskets with little to no potting medium.Vanda spikes normally produce 6-8 beautiful flowers that can typically grow to be six inches in diameter. The flowers ...


Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid: What you need to know

Cymbidium Orchid Care: The Basics Cymbidium orchid (sym-BID-ee-um) is often used in cut flower displays as well as in corsages. Cymbidium orchids are often called “boat orchids” and the flowers are usually large in size and display a patterned lip. The flowers can last anywhere from 8-10 weeks and they come in almost all colors ...


Odontoglossum orchid

Odontoglossum Orchid: What you need to know

Odontoglossum Care: The Basics Odontoglossum orchid (oh-don-tuh-glos-uhm) is a genus that has approximately 100 species and numerous hybrids which range in bloom size, color, and patterns. At the base of the Odontoglossum orchid there is a projection that looks like teeth and a tongue. This is where the Odontoglossum orchid genus gets its name. The ...


Zygopetalum orchid

Zygopetalum Orchid: What you need to know

Zygopetalum Care: The Basics The Zygopetalum orchid (zye-go-PET-ah-lum) genus is very small and only contains 15 recognized species. Even though the number of species is small, there are an abundant number of Zygopetalum hybrids. Zygopetalums are very fragrant orchids and their fragrance can often fill an entire room. Zygopetalum orchids produce beautiful waxy-looking blooms. The blooms are usually green and ...


Maxillaria Orchid

Maxillaria Orchid: What you need to know

Maxillaria Orchid Care: The Basics The Maxillaria  orchid (max-ih-LARE-ee-uh) produces small blooms that are often fragrant. Maxillaria flowers come in an array of colors such as white, yellow, brown, all shades of red, dark purple, and even pretty close to black. Maxillarias can also sometimes give the appearance of little flames due to their coloration, and others are ...


Encyclia Orchid

Encyclia Orchid: What you need to know

Encyclia Orchid Care: The Basics Encyclia orchid (en-SIK-lee-ah) is known for their colorful, showy flowers that bloom in succession. Encyclia’s blooms come in a range of colors, including purple, brown, yellow, green, and fuchsia. The Encyclia’s lip is a different color than the rest of the flower and can appear either ruffled (like a Cattleya) or flat and ...


Phragmipedium orchid

Phragmipedium Orchid: What you need to know

Phragmipedium Orchid Care: The Basics Phragmipedium orchid (frag-mi-PEE-dee-um) is often referred to as Slipper Orchids, and are closely related to the “Lady Slipper Orchid” which is the Paphiopedilum orchid. The Phragmipedium is a small genre and only has approximately 25 species. Phragmipedium’s foliage is leathery, strap-like, and grows in a fan-shaped pattern. Some of these orchids can produce leaves ...


Paphiopedilum orchid

Paphiopedilum Orchid: What you need to know

Paphiopedilum Care: The Basics The Paphiopedilum orchid (paff-ee-oh-PED-ih-lum) gets its nickname ‘Lady’s Slipper Orchid’ from the unique slipper-shaped blooms it produces. Generally, the blooming season for Paphiopedilum orchids starts in autumn and goes through spring. The blooms are long-lasting and typically stay in bloom for about 6-8 weeks. The flowers come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. ...

Dendrobium orchid

Dendrobium Orchid: What you need to know

Dendrobium Orchid Care: The Basics There are over 1,000 types of Dendrobium orchid and hybrids. They vary in size, bloom color, appearance, and growing requirements. For this reason, it is important that you get detailed care information for your certain type of Dendrobium because the care can greatly vary depending on the type you have. ...