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Cast A Fishing Rod

How To Cast A Fishing Rod The Right Way?

Cast a fishing rod today, yeah? Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes throughout the entire world. While many people enjoy this activity, most don’t know that properly casting your rod is the key to catching fish. When your baited line is properly cast, fish will be attracted to your line. As a result, ...


using bluegill

Using Bluegill To Bait Catfishes

Using Bluegill Using bluegill for catfish bait can certainly increase the odds of catching the bigger catfishing strolling beneath the water surface. Is it worth using? Absolutely. It’s one of the best catfish baits you can use. This holds especially true when targeting large blue catfish and flathead catfish. It does require a bit of extra legwork to be ready for action when using ...


What Is The Best Time To Catch Catfish?

Best time to catch catfish We all want to catch more catfish and we would prefer to catch more sooner than later. Catching catfish on rivers can be challenging. Especially for the new angler. Today, let’s learn about the best time to catch catfish! What’s the best time to catch catfish in rivers? The best time ...


carp fishing in hot weather

7 Carp Fishing In Hot Weather Tips For You

7 Carp Fishing In Hot Weather Tips Carp fishing in hot weather can be a bit of a mystery. But we did learn how to catch carp in the winter right? If you miss the post, check it out! Should you be hitting the deep waters and bottom fishing? Maybe you should be trying a ...