Lamplay: The canvas that lights

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It is fun, personalized and artistic

Lamplay is an unique functional lamp stretched on a canvas frame that you can print your OWN design.

Can be used in different settings from bedroom, living room, reading corner, to desk.

Build to last: Durable and Artistic

Canvas print: Our bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents.

The canvas prints are designed to last well over 50 years, guaranteeing you will treasure your prints for a lifetime.

Canvas frame: All frames must go through drop tests. It won’t break on delivery or after that.

LED light panel: Each Lamplay includes a free CE-certified LED light panel, which can last up to 10,000 hours (3-5 years). You can easily change the light panel if needed.

Yes, you are looking at a beautiful lamp design printed on a canvas print that … erhm can LIGHT! And you can easily switch it ON and OFF.


Beautiful, isn’t it?


1. Q: In a nutshell, what makes Lamplay different?
A: A customizable art that can light up! We bet you have NOT seen anything like this before. The customization part is a BIG plus.

2. Q: What do I get for each Lamplay?
A: You will get a stretched canvas print on a wooden frame and a CE-certified LED light panel with all electrical components and parts. We carefully pack inside a cardboard box before shipping.

3. Q: Why should I buy a Lamplay?
A: It’s generally more affordable and cooler than buying a normal canvas print at stores (or a lamp). Lamplay is meticulously handcrafted, custom-made, and more importantly, it is a genius idea that will add fun and personality to your house and your life.

4. Q: What type of voltage and plug is it for Lamplay?
A: The LED light panel’s voltage ranges from 85 to 256V and Lamplay uses two-prong plug. Since the plug and voltage condition vary in different countries, please prepare your own plug adapter and converter if needed.

5. Q: Can I change the LED light panel at the back of Lamplay?
A: Absolutely! It’s an easy process and will not cost you more than 90 seconds.

6. Q: How do I submit my own design?
A: Simple! After you purchase any Customized Lamplay, we will send you and email with details so that you can submit your awesome design to us for production. Importantly, we will NEVER use your design without your permission. Ever!

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Canvas that LIGHTS

A handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion!

Easy Installation

Each Lamplay comes with a 2-meter power cord and a hanger. You can easily hang it on any wall. Just make sure there is an electric socket nearby to power the Lamplay. Tip: Extension cord will be useful.

You also may like to put it on your desk or on a bookshelf. The light is bright enough for you to read books and do other activities.

Highly Customization

Design: The image printed on our canvas can be anything from your childhood lamp to a yellow Dachshund wearing a Santa hat.

Size: We understand that Lamplay has to fit perfectly in your house, so size really matters. Fortunately, whether you want it 23 x 37.1 (cm) or 40 x 60 (cm), we can custom made for you. Drop us a line!

100% handmade wooden home décor

Furniture made with passion
for people with passion

Lamplay is a picture of a playful lamp perfectly printed on a canvas, from which people will not only embrace the arts, but also appreciate its useful function. It is such a trompe-l’œil! (French for “deceive the eye”).

Each products is hand-crafted and double-checked before shipping. We do not compromise on product quality. All Lamplay come with 2 years warranty. Should there be any problem, we exchange a new product at no additional cost.

Download Lamplay’s brochure in:

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