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homesteading skills

Homesteading Skills You Need To Learn

Which Homesteading Skills Do I Need To Know? Although homesteading skills are certainly not a new concept, the ideas and concepts of urban homesteading has started to gain traction with both the young and the urban population. In the past, homesteaders spent years undertaking backbreaking tasks of plowing, tilling and harvesting farms carved out of ...


soil types

Soil Types, Testing and Preparation

Soil Types Continuing with our homesteading series, we today will talk about … soil types. There are four descriptive types of soil: Grainy Sandy Clay Well drained-loamy, which is the ideal soil for gardens Scientists, however, classify soil depending to its: 1. Color The color of the soil can give information about unprocessed matter in ...


Choosing Plants For Homesteading

Choosing Plants For Homesteading, How?

Choosing Plants For Homesteading Deciding on what to plant is one of the toughest decisions you are going to take; it is not easy to resist the temptation of planting just about everything at once. Today, let’s learn about choosing plants for homesteading! Most garden varieties used by many green thumbed gardeners are the annuals; ...