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Homestead Security

Homestead Security: What you need to know?

Homestead Security One of the lesser mentioned reasons homesteading is continuing to grow in popularity and the “prepper” movement has taken hold is that of security of private property and the lives of families across the globe. Whether you are homesteading in the US or homesteading in Australia, you need to learn about homestead security! ...



Livestock: Homesteading Lifestyle For You?

Livestock Livestock can be a great deal of work and care for the livestock will be crucial in determining nutritious food or fodder for family pets. The type of animal you choose should be based on your ability to care for the animal, to be able to breed the animal in a safe environment and ...


why homesteading

Why Homesteading Is A Good Decision?

Why Homesteading? Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and it is characterized by subsistence agriculture and it’s a household compound for a single extended family. So, why homesteading? Some of the benefits that we get when we choose homesteading are: Quality of food and life: Regardless of the reasons homesteaders provide for living ...