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beekeeping terms

Beekeeping Terms: All you need to know

Glossary of beekeeping terms In this post, we will learn about some “technical” terms that you likely run across when getting started in beekeeping. Let’s dig in: Apiary – where a beekeeper keeps bee hives and colonies, may also be called a bee yard. Apiculture – raising and keeping honeybees. Apis mellifera – the scientific ...


before getting your bees

Before Getting Your Bees: Tips and Tricks

Today, let’s continue our beekeeping lessons with tips before getting your bees. You should keep in mind some important bee farming equipment that we are going to outline below. No smoker without fire The smoker is a really important beekeeping tool. It helps to keep the bees calm and gentle while you work on the ...


what is a hive

What Is A Hive? A comprehensive guide

What is a hive? At its most basic level, the hive is a home and workplace for the honeybees, where they will live and raise their young. There are two types of hives: natural and artificial (or manmade). Today, we will be able to answer to the question “What is a hive?” Natural hives are ...